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How To Host Files On Google Code For Free

 Every professional and beginner blogger/webmaster needs a suitable
hosting to upload his/her Java scripts, Images, Documents etc. So Google
has launched a free and amazing service which allows you to upload/host
your files for free. I've uploaded many files and is working perfectly.
The amazing thing is that the Google code provides 4GB space with 200MB
file limit. You can whether let the user to view the file, host the
file or download the file. You can upload any file e.g Java Script,
Image, Video, CSS/Style, Documents etc with no restriction and the
method is quite easy and short. So be a true and pro Blogger !

  •  Go to Google Code Hosting and fill the required fields. Choose License as MIT License and Version Control System as Mercurial and press Create Project.

  • click Download and then click New Download.

  •  Now Choose Any File e.g javascript (js) file, write Summary, Description and press Submit file.

  •  You will be taken to a new page, then click your uploaded file's  title

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