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What are the limits on my Blogger account?

Gadgets For Blogger - You'll want to know what is restricted on
my blogger account?, Well if my friend wants to know, here is some
information about the limitations of a single Blogger account that may be of little help answer the question buddy.

The number of blogs

You can have as many blogs as you want in on one account.

Number of Posts

There is no limit on the number of posts you can have on one blog. All
will be saved in your account (unless you manually delete them)
regardless of whether you are publishing archives or not.

Size of Posts

Individual posts do not have a certain size limit, (See next item.)

Page Size

Individual pages (the main page of your blog, or your archive pages) are
limited to 1 MB. This will allow for a hundred pages of text, but it
might be a problem if you are listing hundreds of posts on the front
page of your blog. If you pass this limit, you will see an error message
saying "006. Please contact Blogger Support."

Number of Comments

Posts can have a number of comments. As with archived posts, if you
choose to hide comments on your blog, all existing comments will remain
saved on your account.

Number of Images

Up to 1 GB total, along with Picasa Web

Image Size

If you are posting pictures through Blogger Mobile there a limit to 250K per image.

Team Members

There is a limit of 100 members per blog.

Number Label

Up to 2000 unique label per blog
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