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9 Basic HTML Codes a Blogger Should Know

I know you use a CMS. I bet majority of you are used to WordPress’s
WYSIWYG visual editor. However, that doesn’t mean you should totally
forego trying to learn the basics of HTML coding. Those who have their
own blogs have all the time to learn by experience. But for Probloggers
for hire, you need to know the basics. I can’t count the number of job
ads I see wherein you’re required to know the basics of HTML. There
might be one gig which would require you to use other CMS than
WordPress. Movable Type, for example, doesn’t have WYSISWYG editor.
Although there are buttons meant for HTML coding, it’s still beneficial
to know the codes behind them.

1. Bold text

<b>text here</b>


<strong>text here</strong>

2. Italicized text

<i>text here</i>


<em>text here</em>

3. Underlined Text

<u>text here</u>

4. Paragraph breaks

<p>paragraph here</p>

Adding the paragraph tags, for example, to two separate paragraphs
would put them in paragraph form on the blog, whereas not doing so might
mesh the two paragraphs together, depending upon your CMS.

5. Lists

For ordered lists: <ol>insert list here</ol>

For unordered bulleted lists: <ul>insert list here</ul>

To specify each element of the list, use: <li>element</li>

So, for example I’m making an unordered list, it would look like this:


<li>element 1</li>

<li>element 2</li>

<li>element 3</li>


6. Insertion of pictures:

<img src=”insert pic address here”>

7. Picture alignment

If you want your pics to be enveloped by text, you can use the “align” attribute. For example:

<img src=”insert pic address here” align=”left/right/center”>

8. Insertion of links

<a href=”insert link here”>Anchor text or the text that would appear visible onscreen</a>

9. Opening links on a new window

Insert the term target=”_blank” inside the codes bracket.

<a href=”insert link here” target=”_blank”>Anchor text</a>

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