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How can I let people email my posts to their friends?

Email This Post enables your blog readers to share your posts with others.

Let's say a visitor to your blog just loves your post about The
Secret Valor of Chickens. Now that visitor can let her friends know
about your discovery by emailing out a link to your post. It's a great
way to let your readers share what they've seen on your blog.

To enable this feature, set Show Email Post links? to Yes in the Settings > Basic tab in Blogger:

Quick Edit setting
Here's what they look like:

Quick Edit link


  • To prevent spamming and encourage blog visits, a link is sent via email rather than the post body

  • If you have a classic template, you must have the <$BlogMetaData$> tag in your Template's <head> section, and the <$BlogItemControl$>
    tag wherever you want the Mail links to appear. We suggest somewhere in
    your "posted by" line. (Our default templates already have all the
    correct code.)

  • If you're publishing via FTP, you'll need to republish your blog's index page in order for the links to appear.

  • CSS files are aggressively cached by browsers for performance
    reasons. This means you may have to reload or even super-reload (using
    the shift key) to make links appear after you first enable them.

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