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how do I delete a blog?

 Make absolutely sure that you are on the right blog and that you want
to permanently remove it from your account. Then, click on the
drop-down menu next to the gray Post List icon and

go to Settings > Other 

 for the option to delete your blog. Before you confirm deletion, you'll
have the option to export your blog, in case you'd like to save a copy.

Delete blog
If you've accidentally deleted your blog and want it back, you can
restore your blog within a certain period of time after deletion. Let's
say you have 5 blogs, and you've deleted one of them. Just go to your
Dashboard, where your blogs are listed, and click the option on the left
that says "Deleted blogs" (if you haven't deleted any

blogs recently,
you won't see this option). Your deleted blogs will then appear on your
Dashboard, with the option "Undelete this blog." Click to undelete, and
everything will be back to normal.

Deleted blog

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