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Share your posts to Google+

Two of the biggest challenges we hear from bloggers are finding new
followers, and engaging in a dialogue with their readers. By sharing
your post to Google+, you enable an entirely new group of people to find
and follow you. Once you publish a post, a pre-filled share box will
pop up. Select the circles that you wish to share with, add a custom
message if you like, and click “Share.” Your post will then appear in
your Google+ stream, as well as in the streams of those you’ve shared with.

Here’s how to get started:

This sharing option, along with future Blogger and Google+
integrations, is available to users who have linked their Google+
profile to their blogs so that they can blog and share to Google+ under
the same common name.

If you already have a Google+ profile under the same Google Account
as your blog, the option to link your blog to your Google+ profile
should show up on your Blogger Dashboard. You can also go to this page
to get the profile switch process started, or just go to the gear icon
at the top of your blog and click on "Connect to Google+." If you want
to revert to your Blogger profile later, you can find the option under
the gear icon. Learn more about linking your blog to your Google+ profile.

Gear icon
Once the two are linked, go ahead and write your post. After you hit Publish,
you’ll see a share box inviting you to share your post with your
circles on Google+. Note that the default circle is set to “Public,” but
that you can modify your circles every time you choose to share.

Always show
If you don't want the share box to pop up after publishing a post, you can change the settings by going to Settings | Posts and comments.
Change share box settings

If you only want to share posts sometimes but don’t want to
constantly change the setting, or if you want to retroactively share
posts, you can use the “Share” option on your Posts page. Just hover over the post to view the option.

Share on the Posts page

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