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What is Nofollow Tag ?

Nofollow is a simple keyword/tag given to the links in your site which is used to tell search robots to index a url but don't follow it. It is used when you are linking to a non-trusted or a bad site (which does not contains good contents), you simply nofollow that untrusted link so no harm comes to your site by that link. By the nofollow tag, you just showed to the search robots that the link is only a text. So in a way it lets you to Save/Increase Your Website's Pagerank.

Why To Nofollow Comments Links ?

Because robots follow all comments links and if they are spam they will result in a huge decrease of your site's traffic and Page Rank. Your comments links will be taken as a part of your site or posts, so if you have added nofollow tag to the comments links, robots will not follow the links and your site will be protected from SPAM !

How To Nofollow Blogger Comments Links ?

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.

2. Check the box of Expand Widget Template.

3. Now search for the following code:

<a class='comment-link'

4. Now replace that code with the following code:

<a class='comment-link' rel="nofollow"

5. Now search for the following code:

 <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

6. And replace it with:

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'>

Now simply save your template and you're done !! 

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