Dear sir/madam,

Greetings to you.

I am a Ugandan national and a student living in republic of the Gambia.
My father was a businessman an oil merchant and a foreign
oil exporter but he died last year in auto accident on his way to the
office and I am the only child. After the death of my
father, I went through his office files and on the process, I
discovered a document confirming deposit of ($36,000,000.00) thirty
six million united states dollars which he packed into trunk boxes and
deposited in a security company in the Gambia and on the document, I was
named the next of kin.

My reason to contact you is because that I need your help to move the
($36,000,000.00) out of the Gambia to a
safer country for investment? I am
willing to offer you a big share in appreciation if you can assist me? Send an email
to me via: afekuruanimurisasi@gmail.com

I hope and wait to hear from you soon.

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